#MoroccanMonday look 23

Hello guys!

 Good morning, afternoon, midnight or whatever time of day it is in your country right now. First of all, Ramadan mubarak to all my fellow Muslim followers!, may this month go as smoothly and peacefully as possible, be full of family gatherings and, most importantly, self-reflection and good deeds.

 Because of this hot weather, I’ve had to pull out my most comfortable pair of flared trousers from the back of my closet and start wearing them again especially during the month of Ramadan, when you’re too hangry and tired to stress over your outfits or wear uncomfortable ones.

 I’ve purchased this pair of trousers about two years ago I believe, and they’ve come in very handy during the hot weather. They’re very comfortable, have pockets and are high-waisted! I mean, what else could one ask for? To be a bit more creative and avoid playing it safe by pairing the trousers with a black top and headscarf, I’ve chosen my flowy burgundy top and a cream scarf instead.

 Back in the day, I used to be obsessed with accessories, from necklaces and earrings, to bracelets and bulky rings. Therefore, I still have tons of accessories lying around my room that I don’t really use anymore and unfortunately don’t remember the exact shop I bought every piece from. Even though I rarely wear rings and bracelets nowadays as you may have noticed from my outfits, I do love me some bling bling every once in a while. This necklace was the perfect finishing piece to my outfit, as its pendant has the exact same colour as my top, as well as other complimenting hues. It was too long so I wrapped it up around my neck which added an unexpected mini choker.

 As I get older I get more and more into high heels instead of low ones, that’s why it took me a while to find the proper outfit to wear these heels with. I bought this pair during a spontaneous shopping trip about a year ago and can’t really remember the last time I wore them. They may look harmless but trust me, looks are deceiving! As soon as I finished taking these shots I had to change back into my flats. One more minute and I would’ve been covered in blisters. Don’t get me wrong, they look cute, I love suede heels and they wouldn’t hurt as much had I worn them with thick tights, but although they weren’t very pricey, I should’ve given it a second thought before buying them to be honest.







Scarf – Primark / Sunglasses – Gucci / Top – Stradivarius / Necklace – vintage / Trousers – Stradivarius / Heels – Etam. 


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