Winter Beach Walk

I don’t know about you but I’m not a big fan of beach walks during winter. The main reason I even go to the beach is to cool off during a hot summer day. However, when a friend hits you up to go chill and stuff food in your face, you just can’t resist no matter the location, and it turned out to be quite fun and relaxing to be honest.

As the weather was not that warm, I had to layer up and bring a long warm coat for when the sun sets and the weather gets a bit colder, because, seriously, we all know us girls can talk forever so we’re probably gonna be there until well past 6 p.m, especially on a Saturday night.

Then my sister bought this coat I wasn’t a fan. I didn’t really like it at first as I much prefer short bomber jackets as opposed to longer ones, but after trying it on and discovering how extremely comfortable and covered I was, I instantly fell in love with it (which is probably bad news for my sis).

Layers are extremely important during the transitional season, because the weather could change instantly from sunny to drizzling rain, so I decided to begin by wearing a tight cotton shirt, as is the case for ninety percent of my winter/autumn outfits, added my denim button-down and finally this cosy jumper I’ve been wearing too much lately. I paired everything with this oh-so comfortable high wasted jegging I bought some time ago that turned out to be one of my absolute favourite pair of jeans ever!

Of course I couldn’t let this outfit go to waste, so I bugged lovely Cami to take some shots and she didn’t disappoint for sure.


 How much of an absolute nightmare is it to see white soles getting this dirty right?!




Scarf – Pashmina / Shades – Aldo / Button-down – Shana / Jumper – Kiabi / Jegging – Primark / Trainers – Nike /Bomber jacket – Shana.

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