#MoroccanMonday look 10

Good day everyone!

It’s only my tenth look and I already feel like I’ve been doing this for ages. As you may notice from my insta post (if you’re coming from insta – hey girl heeey!) my love for wide-legged trousers is not going away any time soon (Daaaamn Amina, back at it again with the wide-legged pants.. lol, I’m so funny – I know).

As I’ve told you guys in my previous posts, I’ve recently purchased some things from Kiabi, which is also my first time shopping there and it has been a pleasent experience I have to say, the prices are extremely affordable and the quality of the items is not that bad at all. My little brother spotted these gorgeous wide-legged trousers and knew I would love them. Luckily, only one was left in my size and I knew I just had to have it.

Instead of teaming these navy trousers up with a basic “sailor look” that consist of a striped top and a hint of red somewhere (think a bold red lip or a red bandana tied around the neck), I decided to go for a more unconvential look by pairing it with a dusty beige button-down. I know the photos came out a bit too bright to really see the exact colours, but I’ll try to find links to these items online for your reference, otherwise, I’ll try to avoid the sunshine next time.

I used to be obsessed with these Chanel leopard print sunglasses, and re-discovered them in my stash a few days ago, they helped add the perfect print to this otherwise too simple look. Also, they go really well with golden accessories. I used to be against mixing different metallics together, and still kind of am, but I think one can get away with it if the pieces were subtle. My golden watch and rings were an ok match with the silver buttons on the trousers I’d say.





Scarf – Primark / Button-down – H&M / Trousers – Kiabi / Sunglasses – Chanel / Watch – Parfois.

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