#MoroccanMonday look 9

Salam guys!

In case the weather reports for this week are true-which I sure as hell hope-this week is gonna be a good one as a result to all the vitamin D we’re getting from the lovely sunshine. Therefore, my outfit is very spring-like in its pink shades and three-quarter sleeves, as well as the light fabrics and their colours.

I’m a big fan of three-quarter sleeves! It’s the only type of sleeves light tops would have if it were up to me, because of how versatile they are and can show whatever ‘wrist candy’-is that even a thing? If not, it sure as hell should be!-you’re into, from big watches to shiny bracelets. However, it’s not up to me so I’m forced to look for new ones whenever the warmer weather approaches.

To keep my outfit somewhat modest (it’s not that modest, I get it hijabis, back off) I almost always add a light button-down or longer shirt underneath my kind-of-short jumpers to help ‘camouflage’ my derrière. Bonus points if the bottom layer is striped, dotted or has several patterns or colours. This button-down has tiny grey dandelions thus the grey scarf which also helps keep the outfit light and doesn’t draw the sun as much as a black scarf.

 I can’t emphasise how much I love the whole metallics trend. We saw it a lot during 2015, but I feel like it’s not going anywhere judging by the Dior Crinkled Metallic Lambskin Diorever handbag debuted by Kendall Jenner a few days ago during PFW. These flats are not the most comfortable ones I own, but I like them enough to endure the pain. In my opinion, metallics can be styled just like neutral pieces/ colours, as they suit every single outfit.






That Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick highlighter though! I’m still obsessed with it.


Scarf – Pashmina / Shades – Aldo / Cardigan – Pimkie / Button-down – Mango / Jumper – Stradivarius /  Jeans – Camaïeu / Flats – Stradivarius. 

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