Ramadan look week 1

Ramadan Mubarak to all Muslims around the globe! I hope this month brings you serenity, joy, peace and fulfillness.

During Ramadan, as some of you may have noticed, I tend to feature modest clothes that are preferrably made by local designers/brands. This year, I’m very honoured to have collaborated with one of my favourite fashion designers online, and that I’ve had the utter pleasure of meeting as well, Oumaima Lamrani Alaoui. One look at her Instagram page will have you linger for hours and fall in love with her creations instantly. The intricacy of her work, the craftsmanship and attention to detail are all very satisfying and stunning.

Wearing traditional Moroccan clothes is not a habit of mine despite my love for them. I’m a practical person that loves being able to move freely, hence why I tend to reserve restrictive pieces such as gowns, dresses, Moroccan Tekshitas/Caftans or even skirts for special occasions. But and however, finding traditional yet modern clothes that are quite wearable for day-to-day activities changes that. This unusual Moroccan jellaba, despite its delicate fabric or maybe even because of it, would totally be a piece I’m willing to rock during Ramadan for a family gathering or ftour (iftar) somewhere a bit fancy. The basic colours keep it from being too flashy, yet those sleeves are screaming stylish and chic. In conclusion, my name is written all over it so it’s only fitting to feature it first during this Ramadan Looks series.









Sunnies – Gucci

Roll-neck – Shana

Jellaba – Oumaima Lamrani Alaoui

Booties – Stradivarius

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