#MoroccanMonday look 117

Supporting local businesses lead by women is something I stand for, especially when that fierce woman is one of your own. Hence why, I didn’t think twice about featuring one of the pieces from Azhar Creations designed by one of my talented babes. I love how her creations are pieces she would atually wear herself! They’re very easy to style and come in handy for the ladies who don’t really have time to think about an entrie outfit but still want to look good and fashionable.

After dropping her winter collection of exquisit coats (seriously, I drooled over each one), it’s time to enjoy her spring pieces; cue this beautiful floral abaya-like beauty.  I absolutely love the floral details on the shoulders, and the fact that one can easily dress this up or down depending on the mood they’re going for.

I went for a basic black outfit with a roll-neck and faux leather leggings as well as pumps to let the floral print do the talking. A belt was needed to cinch in the waist, otherwise I would be drowning in this due to my petite frame. I’d definitely be willing to rock this with dark jeans and a more casual look for every day.






Sunnies – Gucci

Roll-neck – Shana

Leggings – random shop in Holland

Pumps – Etam

Abaya – Azhar Creations

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