El Tropic, Rabat

Finding hidden gems is always a treat! I discovered this spot through Lovely Sheep, which is a local ice-cream brand I also stumbled upon lately that El Tropic stocked.

Located right next to BeeOn6th (a concept store with currated designers that’s worth checking out) on Mohammed 6th road, you’ll need to squint to actually find it. It’s quite hidden and private, which is a big plus for me.




Hiding from the rain and taking a break from shooting, this place felt like a sanctuary. Despite the gloomy weather outside, the vibe inside made it feel like summer with its bright and fun colours as well as the great mood the food put me in. Speaking of summer, I cannot wait for the weather to get hotter so I can come back and enjoy the food outside. Their outdoor area has a gorgeous aesthetic that’s extremely instagram-worthy! One look into #ElTropic on Instragram will show you what I mean.





I hate the fact that they finish that early, because it means you’ll need to get out of bed and drag yourself to El Tropic for brekkie or brunch before they close. Although I’m absolutely not a morning person and would literally agree to brunch outside once every blue moon, I would totally make an exception and be less grumpy for this place. It being so hidden and not packed is one of the major factors why I would agree to be honest.


I went for a beetroot and orange juice because any extra iron one can get during that time of the month is more than welcome (it wasn’t that yummy but it was healthy so, bottoms up!).



I LIVE for a good avo-toast so it’s only natural for me to get one. A side of yummy chips with a garlic sauce and we were set to go. I actually finished everything I ordered and was stuffed!


Before leaving, I bought two Lovely Sheep ice lollies to go. It was the main reason I went to this spot in the first place.  This chocolate and strawberry treats did not disappoint! I cannot wait to try the rest of the flavours.

I would absolutely recommend this place to everyone! Try going during spring/summer so you can enjoy the weather outside, and after you’ve eaten, take the indoor stairs that lead to the beautiful shop inside named BeeOn6th; their products are worth checking out!

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