Les 3 Dou’soeurs, Rabat

Experiencing new places with friends has got to be one of my favourite things to do. As much as I like being a regular at some places and knowing what exactly to order that will be tasty, taking chances at new places could be fun.

Hidden in a quiet place in Hay Riad, Les 3 Dou’soeurs is such a lovely place to go for a lovely cup of tea and yummy pastries to catch up with friends. I was pleasantly surprised by their authenticity and how their products are so fresh, using fruit of each season to come up with cute-looking and tasty creations.




My friend, who has already been to this little café, and I went for a late lunch and had a blast. I love how cosy and calm it is with its small space and almost old-fashioned decore, but the beautiful tea cups and pot that give off those granny vibes were to die for! Sadly though, they gave us a regular cup instead of those fancy ones. All their food and baked goods are made by them, and their approach to their customers is very kind and efficient.


I got the cesar salad sandwich (it tatsed like a bagle but has no hole, so I can only call it a sandwich, innit?!), which I thought wouldn’t be enough but turned out to be just the right amount of food to make me full yet still able to breathe.


Meanwhile, my friend went for an actual bagel with chicken I believe which also looked quite good.


The little blackberry macaron was very unpredictable with a small piece of cheese on the inside, which was a suprisingly delicious combo! If you’re a tea-lover like myself, you will definitely appreciate all their options that’ll probably take you too long to choose from but be absolutely worth it.



I told you their tea collection was impressive!

I’d recommend going early to find all their pastries still available, and to choose a good spot instead of having to go with whatever is left.

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