My Perfumes

Unlike clothes, I can’t stand most perfumes as they tend to give me a headache. Therefore, finding a good enough scent is such a challenge that requires so much time and effort, hence why my mini collection.

Throughout the years, I’ve had several types of perfumes and each one reminds me of a certain time, whether good or bad, which is why I love to buy a new one preferrably every six or twelve months. Even when I miraculously find a gorgeous one, I like to spray it daily until I’m fully saturated by it and then move on, but still go back to sniff it when I feel like taking a trip down memory lane as moments and emotions never fail to rush back into my head and put a smile on my face.

I’ll start with the oldest one that I still have even though it’s empty and work my way up:

  1. Paco Rabanne Black XS:


Excuse the state of the bottle, but I’ve this for a very very long time. I was gifted this box set from one of my closest friends and had to keep it. Even though the scent is unlike something I would wear now, I still like it and love smelling it every now and again. This reminds me so much of fun times in my late teens and all those nights out.

2. Paco Rabanne Lady Million:


One can definitely get away with spraying a lot of this perfume and still smelling chic and glamorous. I used this in my early days of work and adulthood if you will, so smelling this always brings me back to my confusion-filled days and unorganised life. However, I smelled this on my aunt a few years ago and fell in love with it again, so I think I’ll be purchasing this again soon as I ran out.

3. Polo Big Pony #1:


The memories I have with this one are so clear and feel endless. This is one of those very light non-floral scents, it smells a bit like canary melon but very fresh. I still like it as I absolutely love fruity and clean scents for summer. I’ll probably be trying other numbers as I would never want to re-apply this one in particular.

4. DKNY Golden Declicious Sparkly:


This is a nice one. It’s floral but not too intense, even though it was a limited edition for the holidays. It reminds me of my 22nd birthday in Holland and all those fun times and cosy things I did there with family and friends. Too bad it was a limited edition, but I’ve also seen a green apple version that I think I would like as well. Will see about that.

5. Gucci Bamboo:


The first thing I ask a salesperson at a perfume shop is: What is your lightest scent that smells fresh and lasts a long time please? Most of the times I get disgusting choices, but try to bare with it all until I find a good one. That’s what happened with this one. I still like it today, but would not apply tit again. It’s not groundbreaking nor fantastic, but it did the job when I needed a new perfume to make new memories, and now it can rest on my shelves until I want to be transported back to the past I suppose.

6. Gucci Flora:


I went in wanting to buy the Gucci Bloom as I’ve seen it everywhere. However, I loved the colourful packaging of this one and got it instead. Of course I liked the scent as well, but the packaging is sometimes as important.

This scent initially reminded me of my old bestie from school even though this wasn’t even out when we were in school, but I’m sure she sprayed Gucci of some sort. However, it now reminds me of labour and hard work as I’ve mostly worn it at work, so that ruined it.

7. Chanel Chance Eau De Toilette:


After smelling this, I was certain I was a Chanel girl and definitely not a Dior one when it comes to scents. Even though the Chanel number 5 gives me a headache for weeks, I much prefer their lighter options that are not only bearable but actually divine as opposed to Dior’s lighter options that are still very intense.

I’ve broken one huge, fairly new, bottle and I wanted to die. However, I rushed and got a new one, that’s how obsessed I was with it. Also, I didn’t have time to go through the headache of looking for a new scent nor was I over this one, yet.

8. Chanel Chance Eau Tendre:


Having smelled quite a few scent in my lifetime, I kind of know which brands make my kind of perfumes. Therefore, I went in thinking I would walk out with a Boss, Burberry, Calvin Klein or Guci scent, but definitely not another Chanel. However, after smelling a few ones and finding one to be just fine, the minute the saleswoman sprayed this one me I was hooked! I was a hundred percent certain it’s the one I wanted, and that’s extremely rare for me.

This scent is so light you can spray so much and still smell fresh and divine. I love how different it is from anything else I smell on women nowaydays. This would also be so perfect for summer. It’s extremely classy and chic I’m still totally obsessed. I mix it with Chance eau de toilette when I go out at night to make it a tad more intense.



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