My Lipstick Collection

Calling this a ‘collection’ would be an overstatement, but I decided to share the lipsticks I have in my makeup bag. It’s an extremely small stash compared to people I know, but they do the job (well, most of them) and I like most of them. No lipliners were used in these photos.

  1. Inglot Sleeks transparent lip gloss in 29A:

Inglot transparent gloss

Loving how versatile this product actually is. You can use it alone, on top of another colour (make sure you don’t use its brush directly otherwise the colour of the lipstick will ruin it) or even on your eyelids for that beautiful wet look. It’s not sticky, and it’s basically a makeup kit essential.

2. MAC lipstick in Patisserie:

Mac lipstick

One of my makeup artist friends wore this once and I loved it. Therefore, I just had to have it and I don’t regret it one bit. I love how it smells like coconut instead of chemicals like so many other lipsticks. It’s an everyday kind of lipstick, the colour of my lips but better. Highly recommend.

3. Hema Fabulous liquid lipstick in 02:

Hema lipstick

I bought this about two years ago or so and I still don’t know why the hell I would choose such an awful colour (on me). The formula is very bad and blotchy, it takes forever to perfect and using a lipliner is a must. The quality is bad, the smell is worse, so I would never recommend it.

4. NYX soft matte lip cream in Copenhagen:

Nyx lipstick

This is probably one of my favourite lipsticks, even though it’s not the easiest one to apply. The formula is not quite right making it hard to apply it from one go. I had to apply a lot, blot, re-apply, blot and then perfect really carefully. I usually use a lipliner with it, but I didn’t for the sake of this article. I have the small version, but would definitely buy the big one when I come across a NYX shop in the future.

5. Inglot HD Lip Tint Matte (couldnt find the name/reference, sorry):

Inglot lipstick

I was gifted this by one of my makeup artist friends and was obsessed with it last summer. However, after using my MAC one, I just came to realize how extremely dry and sticky this one is. The colour is still ok, the smell and formula as well. I wouldn’t buy this exact colour again, but would definitely give another colour a go.

6. Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid in 25 Orange Shot:

Maybelline lipstick

Because I brought this one with me to Malta this summer, it brings back so many amazing memories. I love the vibrant colour even though it’s not very long-lasting. It bleeds very easily which means you’ll need touch ups every hour or so. The application is fairly easy and it basically slides like butter. Several layers are needed as the first one is always too light and a bit blotchy.

7. Avon in Nude Edge:

Avon lipstick

I got this ages ago from my sister who never used it and I still love the colour; it’s very nineties. Several brands released nineties liquid lipsticks but I love how this is not matte and very comfortable to wear all day long. Due to the poor quality, one needs to re-apply every hour, but I don’t mind. It smells fine, looks good and is very affordable.

8. Milani lipstick in number 68:

Milani lipstick

This actually looks like velvet when applied properly and I love its deep red colour. This is my first Milani product and I quite like it. The quality is not the best, and one needs to re-apply quite often, but I don’t mind. It’s not dry, it doesn’t flake and it’s very affordable.


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  1. Great post! These are all beautiful shades. I also agree with you on NYX Copenhagen being difficult to apply


      1. So true. I actually started using just their lipliners as a lipstick and it works amazing


  2. this is a great post and you look so pretty! btw I’m new to blogging and I’d really appreciate if you’d check out my blog, much love!


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