Ftour/Iftar at L’Atelier Burger, Rabat

If it were up to me, I’d eat out at least twice a week. However, with a hectic work schedule and utter exhaustion, I only managed to eat out once so far during this Ramadan, My friend found the Instagram ad promoting ftour at L’Atelier Burger a while back and contacted them for reservations. I mean, the food photos and videos circulating online were mouth-watering and the price (169 dh) was a bargain! also, being told that they were fully booked for an entire week was a great sign for sure. 

 We were told to arrive not later than 7 p.m (call to Maghreb prayer goes at 7:45) and the Dutch spirit in us made us arrive half an hour early to make sure we get a good spot and take everything in before the rest of the crowd arrives. The staff was very welcoming and friendly. We were allowed to take as many photos/videos as we liked and explore before it was packed. The restaurant has a cosy decor with warm colours and patterns. They had an indoor area, upstairs and a little outdoor area for smokers. You could smell beautiful incense throughout the place, which adds to that Ramadan vibe, and Moroccan music was playing when everyone arrived.







The buffet was very diverse and amazing, with something for everyone. From several kinds of salads and Moroccan tajines, all the way to sushi and different juices, everything was delicious (yes, I tried most things). They even had Asian soup, which is not something you find everywhere here in Rabat, Morocco. 

 Around 7:15, we were told to kindly form a queue and start getting the food we’d like. It’s a self-service kind of system which suited me just fine. People were polite and organised (thank goodness) which is unfortunately not the norm in this country. 









The plate may not look that appetising, but keep in mind we were fasting the entire day and basically starving, so everything looked heavenly. For the record, it also tasted delicious. 

 I love how they left the buffet open for anyone to grab a second plate or add to theirs in case they’re still hungry. Glasses were also filled with juices by lovely waiters whenever they’re empty. 

 After ftour, we were given dessert in the form of little glasses filled with different cakes/mixtures. Mine was a yummy lemon meringue, and my friend’s was a cheesecake which we shared as it was that good. You could only imagine our surprise when they started bringing out huge cakes to add to the buffet for people to have should they still want more dessert! I mean, this place really knows how to get you to a food coma! 


 There was a big strawberry and raspberry meringue, which was my favourite, an Oreo cake and banoffee pie. Needless to say I had a taste of everything. 

 All in all, the atmosphere was absolutely lovely, I would highly recommend going there for ftour/iftar at least once. I’ll sure be going back after Ramadan to test their every day menu and yummy treats!

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