Ramadan look week 1

First and foremost, happy Ramadan to all of you out there! I’ve been fasting way before Ramadan started (procrastinators, where you at!?) so the feeling of hunger and lack of sleep was definitely there, but the whole mood only started on the first day of this holy month.

I love how Ramadan started for the majority of us at the same time this year (hopefully we get to celebrate Eid the same time as well), making me feel part of a beautiful community of Muslims all around the world. Apart from the general peace one has during this month partly because of the lack of energy and therefore somewhat of a less hectic schedule (for those of us living in Muslim countries where work and school schedules change to try and make fasting more bearable. Best of luck and May Allah give all of the strength to Muslims that are unable to alter their daily activities and have to make a crazy daily schedule work somehow).

All the above aside, I don’t know about you but I definitely don’t have the time nor the mood to spend hours choosing what to wear or putting different pieces together when I’m starving. Therefore, I try to go for long cardigans and outerwear that can be worn over anything and everything.

One of my friends, and fellow Moroccan, that I admire greatly started an Abaya line a few months back and I was oh-so excited to get my hands on her beautiful creations. The chic and sophisticated pieces of Naouar Collection are perfect for layering on top of basic looks for every day or at night to give off a put-together glamorous vibe. The light and breathable fabrics make the pieces suitable to wear during spring and summer all whilst being covered and presentable.

We all know my obsession with all shades of pink is not going anywhere, so it’s a no-brainer I went for the dusty pink one. However, whilst I was waiting for my own pink abaya to arrive, I borrowed my friend’s beige one to be featured in the meantime as my first Ramadan look. What can I say? I was too eager to actually wait for mine.

I absolutely love its simplicity and how flowy it was whilst I walked. The kimono style is so forigiving and suitable for most body types. Although my shoulders are almost non-existent, I managed to pull it off in my opinion with the help of a simple white tee, my trusty denim and of course a pair of heels (altering my horrible posture helped a tad as well I suppose).










Headscarf – Primark

White top – Stradivarius 

Jeans – Pimkie

Abaya – Naouar Collection

Heels – Call It Spring

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