Columbus Café & Co. Rabat

Once in a while, I bump into a cafe or restaurant I’ve never noticed before or simply had no time to check out, and knowing this city, I usually walk in with low expectations. However, this time, I was pleasantly surprised to find a unique place with interesting food and a cosy atmosphere to offer.

Set in one of Rabat’s quiet and classy neighborhoods, a few blocks away from the new five-star hotel The View, Columbus Café & Co is the place to be nowadays, with its “hipster-esque” interior that everyone seems to be into right now and that I certainly don’t mind, it’s always packed with teenagers and adults alike, despite being only a few blocks away from Starbucks.



The first thing a bookworm such as myself noticed were the books. I knew they’d be in French (as per usual) but was ecstatic to actually discover a few of my favourite books (all of the Millenium novels) in English! The cafe offers books for customers to read whilst enjoying a beverage and dessert.





The second amazing thing that I fell in love with was that they actually had chai tea latte. After years of search in every supermarket and Starbucks here for tea latte, I gave up. So you can only imagine how surprised I was to discover actual chai tea latte being served, and they honestly excel at making it.

I ordered their brioche with whipped cream and salted caramel, and yes, it is as heavenly as it sounds. The chai tea latte was delish!




On my way to the bathroom, I discovered that this place was actually bigger than it seemed. Apart from the ground floor with a huge T.V in the back along with additional mismatched chairs and sofas to chill, there was somewhat of a private area on the second floor suited for six to seven people. The bathroom, which you had to open by pulling at a rope, was located on the third floor along with another cosy seating area.






Bathroom selfies are a must, especially with those tiles.


On my way out, I had to grab another latte to go, and was drawn towards the display of cupcakes/brownies and cookies that I also had to try one, hopefully next time they’ll actually cover them for hygienic reasons. I went for the chocolate cupcake and let’s just say that I was unable to finish it in one go.






Needless to say I will be going back to try n ew things, chill out in one of their comfortable sofas and definitely picking out another book to enjoy whilst sipping my warm chai latte.

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