#MoroccanMonday look 96

Florals are not reserved for spring, and today’s post is proof. I wasn’t the biggest fan of florals when I was younger and preferred black over anything, but now that I’ve explored the world of patterns a bit more, I’ve come to realise that florals can be incorporated into many styles and give you several different looks depending on the pieces you pair them with. 

 I love the basic black backdrop of this dress and the soft feminine pink tones of the flowers on it, it gives you endless options and ideas of how to wear it, whether it’s summer, spring, autumn or, in my case, winter. 

 One can easily turn a button-down maxi dress into a kimono when wearing it open or halfway buttoned up, which is how I like to wear mine. The ripped (but not really ripped) jeans underneath it with the cool combat boots give this a rough and cool look as opposed to soft and feminine. The corset was not really necessary as the waistline of this dress is quite tight, but I wanted to add an interesting twist to the look. 

 The corset and poet sleeves of the dress, as well as the ruffled neckline somewhat reminded me of the Victorian era, but I love how the jeans and combat boots effortlessly pull you back to the 21st century.











Turban – Mango scarf

Sunnies – Gucci

Roll neck – Shana

Dress – Stradivarius

Corset – Stradivarius

Jeans – Stradivarius

Boots – Zara



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