My Last 2017 Post

I’ve always been honest on my blog and I’m not planning on changing that, so instead of listing picture-perfect things, I will admit that, in all honesty, I absolutely hate the end of a year (or week for that matter) as I’m still in that phase where I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything significant in my life-yet. Despite having multiple friends tell me that accomplishing small things can be just as important as big ones, I still can’t shake the feeling of failure every December of every year. Especially in this day and age where every single person seems so accomplished and content on social media. 

However, I’am willing to try (TRY) and focus on the positive things, and set goals for this new year (I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions) that I will try to accomplish. I’m a visual person, so I will also try to have a calendar to use as a to-do list and plan an organised schedule ahead of time to keep everything neat and in order. I’ve come to realise that having an actual notepad, such as this basic but chic burgundy one, can help you remember things and keep tabs on all your plans, as jotting down things on actual paper can make them more real and somewhat easy to remember.

Let’s hope next year’s “look back” post on this blog will be more positive, still honest though, and will actually list or mention at least one thing I’ve successfully accomplished that helped me grow and become a better person or advance my still-all-over-the-place career.

Thanks for sticking around!

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