A Look Back At #MoroccanMonday 2017

I could say that not in a million years would I have imagined myself keeping up with a blog for two years non-stop, but I’d be lying. I knew I’d stick to this blog long before I created it, as a lot of thought went into it prior to its creation, and most importantly, it’s the only thing keeping me from going down a depression hole that would most probably end in a nervous breakdown. It’s the one light in my life that gets me through the week, and that still brings me joy regardless of views, likes or comments on any post. Unleashing my creative side is extremely important to my mental health. The bottom line is, this blog is more important to me than you could imagine.

 Therefore, ending an entire year of #MoroccanMonday posts with a look back only seems appropriate. I had so much fun shooting every single look, and it made me get out of bed and actually go to new places, which could be a bit uncomfortable for an introvert at first, but doing other things and activities during the weekend that have nothing to do with my weekly job made me feel a million times better about my life. To think that a couple of years ago I would spend the entire weekend in bed sulking over my boring and exhausting life that only revolved around a job I hated is unbelievable. I mean, I still sulk over it every now and again, but having your life not revolve around something you hate can do you wonders. 

 My entire Gmail and memory card is filled with photos of my outfits, and obviously not everything gets posted as not everything fits nor is it nice. I was about to delete all the hideous outtakes or bloopers if you will, but then decided to feature a few “BTS” photos as a closure for this year’s #MoroccanMonday posts. Enjoy.

group bloopers



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