#MoroccanMonday look 89

Wardrobe staples differ from one person to the other, but we can all agree on the importance of investing in them. As is usually the case for staples, one brings them out year in and year out whenever the weather allows it. Therefore, most of you wouldn’t be suprised to see these booties being featured again as they’re definitely one of my staples.

Chuncky boots will never go out of style in my eyes, as most brands re-invent them each year like we’ve seen done by Louis Vuitton who brought out those beautiful boots that every blogger or fashion lover lusted after.

Combining yellow with burgundy would’ve been tricky if it weren’t for the writing on this top, and that’s what I love about fashion, having the ability to play and experiment with unsual colours together whilst trying to make it work, Blaire from Atlantic-Pacific has combining unusual colours whilst looking utterly chic down to a tee which makes her an inspiration.

I abslutely adore a biker jacket and think that, along with fitted blue jeans, every one should have one in their wardrobe, preferrably a real one which will last for so long and only get better with time, but fake ones can also be handy as my previous one was much loved despite it being a knock off.

Leaning towards makeup or clothing items in dark burgundy, plum or ox-blood colours comes naturally to me during autumn or winter, so going back to this beautiful plum lip that I featured a couple of posts ago shouldn’t come a surprise. I’m still looking for other key-pieces in forest green, mustard or even orange tones that would be gorgeous against the gloomy backdrop of a cold winter day.








Sunnies – Gucci

Yellow top – Bershka

Burgundy layering top – Stradivarius

Jeans – Stradivarius

Leather jacket = Zara

Booties – H&M

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