#MoroccanMonday look 88

Following every single trend out there is not something I aspire to do, but I’m quite easy to convince (another word for pushover?) especially when a trend actually suits my body type or makes my life a bit easier; queue the sock boot that has been going around Instagram in recent months.

Firstly let me clarify that I’m into boots, especially over-the-knee ones. I prefer flat boots to get my money’s worth, but high-heeled ones that scream sexy are certainly a welcome choice every now and again. I’ve also always been one of those extremely-high-heel-or-no-heel-at-all kind of person, but eversince the kitten heel trend came back, especially the Dior ones, I was sold (again, easily convinced).

However, seeing those Yeezy sock-boots for the first time made me question whether or not they would suit me. They did elongate the legs when styled right, but didn’t feel very chic. Also, in my head, you had to be cool to actually pull them off, just like the Balenciaga pointy boots, but that’s an entirely different story.

When I bought these comfortable grey trousers, I knew I could have taken the easy route and styled them in a sporty casual way with a pair of Stan Smiths or Vans (or maybe red creepers but I have a budget, sadly). However, as I love a challenge, I opted for heels instead. Pairing comfortable casual pieces with chic ones often end up with a look I love, and this one was no exception.

When I first saw this pair of boots on the website, I knew they’d be sold out in a minute, but I gave it a shot regardless and went to the shop (as one does in this part of the world where online shopping is still not mainstream). The last pair in my size were waiting for me and I’m glad I went through the hassle of getting them, as I know I’ll be pairing them with loads of different pieces in the upcoming months to jazz up outfits all whilst staying comfortable due to the low heel. Had the front been a tiny bit pointier and longer, I don’t think I would’ve liked them, and even though I would’ve preferred a higher heel, I still think they’re cute and look trendy (ugh, that word again) when worn properly.

A soft cosy scarf, preferrably in XXL, is always a perfect piece to invest in during autumn/winter, it keeps you warm and goes with pretty much everything when it has a neutral colour or pattern, such as this one in a houndstooth print that I’m simply obsessed with. Fom the denim jacket, band tee and grey trousers, this scarf finishes off the look perfectly without clashing with anything, and those cute red boots are definitely the stars of the show.









Scarf – Mango

Sunnies – Gucci

Band tee – Stradivarius

Denim jacket – Marwa

Scarf – Zara

Trousers – Zara 

Handbag – Pimkie

Boots – Stradivarius

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