#MoroccanMonday look 86

 In my earlier days, I haven’t been altering my fashion choices based on the season, as long as it fit and warmed me up, it was good. However, as I began blogging and getting more involved with social media and posting my outtfits online as well as following stylish women, I found myself leaning towards the colours of the season as some may call it. 

 For example during summer, I’d stick to lighter colours and whites, but during the transitional season such as autumn, burgundy, forest green or even brass as well as darker colours would catch my eye and make their way into my closet. 

 This week’s look is fairly simple yet autumnal an appropriate thanks to the colour palette chosen. Although it’s far from being cold here in Morocco, I’m forcing autumn to make an appearance by dressing this way. Dark jeans can be worn all year round, not to mention very flattering on most body shapes, which means they’re a definite fashion staple, and pairing this new (also favourite) high-waisted pair with my new plum-coloured crop-top, a matching lip and black pieces was a hit in my books. 

 I love matching my lips to my clothes especially when it’s a darker burgundy colour. The earrings also add to the whole matchy-matchy look without it being too overboard. I love the yellow sunglasses that I’ve been seeing throughout the entire summer on Instagram, as they add just the right amount of freshness and colour to make this outfit look modern and youthful. 










Turban – Mango scarf

Sunnies – Bershka

Earrings – H&M

Crop top – Bershka

Jeans – Stradivarius

Sleeveless Button-down – Shana

Trainers – Adidas


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  1. I love this!makes me want to experiment with my outfits too!i love the idea of OOTD’s on a blog instead of video.Keep writing<3id love for you to check my blog out too!

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