#MoroccanMonday look 53

This may look like the typical patriotic red, white and blue outfit but it’s definitely not, it’s merely a coincidence folks. 

 Unlike any millenial, I only began liking bandanas recently, which is a shocker for someone who is normally into most trends. The red around my neck broke the whole pattern of neutral colours of this look along with the shiny metallic handbag. Fun fact: I actually wore leggings underneath the trousers because I got cold, and if you squint you can actually see them in some photos (they also made my thighs look thinck, but who’s complainin’?!). 

 I still have a couple of crop tops that I no longer wear as much as I want to, mainly due to them being quite tricky to style, but also because I bought them when crop tops and high-waisted skirts were all the hype in 2016 (see? Told you I was into trends) until I realised I’m not really a skirts kind of girl. Therefore, I paired this grey crop top with my high-waisted trousers instead. The whole look was surprisingly comfortable, and it made me feel very lady-like which is never a bad thing. 

 My love for this metallic handbag seems to be growing by the minute, and I try to rock it whenever I can. As you can see, my huge blanket coat is still loved very much and I can’t seem to be able to get through this winter without it; its colour is a bit tricky because my foundation rubs off on the collar, but I’m not regretting buying it at all. 




When a passerby stares at your awkward poses, you can’t help but laugh.




Turban – Pashmina

Bandana – vintage

Crop top – H&M Divided

Coat – Bershka

Trousers – Kiabi

Heels – Etam

Handbag – Pimkie

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