#MoroccanMonday look 52

“Clothing is a form of self-expression; there are hints about who you are in what you wear”

– Marc Jacobs

 I’ve never met someone that didn’t like an all black outfit and for good reason. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve spent hours putting your black pieces together with careful thought, or just thrown something together before rushing out – I’m the latter of course – it always works. With that said, I’m not the biggest fan of an all-black outfit being photographed, as it doesn’t give the results so I prefer a bit of colour, whether it’s a vibrant rusty orange, navy blue (yes you can pair black and navy together) or a gorgeous burgundy such as the one I went for; it’s the ultimate colour-combination during autumn and winter, expecially when golden accents are added in the form of accessories such as this vintage scarf I’ve been gifted ages ago. 

 For my readers, It should come as no surprise that layering is my thing. Therefore, I opted for this long comfy shirt with leggings (shocker), a leather jacket and this fluffy blanket-like coat I borrowed from my sissy (what else are siblings for?!). The dark red nail varnish complimented the gorgeous scarf, stained lips and brown handbag. Ballerina flats are not the best choice for this weather, but I loved the metallic hue and just went for it. 

 This whole look could also go really well with a pair of killer high-heeled boots for a fashionista attire, or chunky Dr.Martens for a more edgy look and added warmth. 










Turban – Pashmina

Sunnies – Gucci

Lips – L’Oréal lipliner in 634 Plum

Scarf – Vintage

Leather jacket – Pimkie 

Coat – Kiabi

Long shirt – Shana

Leggings – Vintage

Flats – Stradivarius

Nails – Maybelline Colorama in 357 Burgundy Kiss

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