#MoroccanMonday look 25

Salam everyone! 

 This week’s look is a special one, it’s the first time I feature a maxi skirt on my blog and it’s not for nothing. I’m not a big fan of maxi skirts/dresses, they make my walk funny, I absolutely hate when my thighs touch, and my feet somehow always end up dirty which is definitely not a good sight. 

 What made you buy this skirt then you ask? Well, for everyone who has already been to Africa, you know how blazing hot the weather can be, so I was kind of obliged to wear something breezy to keep me from melting, and I also needed something easy to throw on whilst still being modest during Ramadan. Therefore, this maxi skirt was perfect; the elasticity of the fabric and the presence of pockets almost makes it comfortable-almost, if it weren’t for the unbelievably tight waist! 

 I would’ve paired the skirt with a bodysuit but I don’t have one, so I went for this crop top instead, which looks fine. Because of the colour and lenght of this skirt, pairing it with heels was kind of mandatory for me, otherwise I’d just be holding all the extra fabric in my hand to keep me from stumbling every time I walk. 

 Accessories complete the look, so I love how the golden necklaces (they’re two seperate ones) and watch compliment the golden details on the belt. You can also wear the skirt without the belt and add a light blazer instead, but I like combining this particular belt with this dress to make it look a bit more interesting. 






Turban – Primark / Sunglasses – Gucci / Necklaces – Stradivarius / Crop top – H&M / Belt – Marwa / Skirt – Shana.   

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  1. you look beautiful!! i’m in love with the skirt and the jewelry is so special too 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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