#MoroccanMonday look 20

Hi Guys!

 I couldn’t be happier to share this week’s look with you, shot by my babe Safâ from Aves Photos. She and I go way back, so when she happened to be in Morocco and very kindly offered to collaborate I was ecstatic knowing her amazing talent and that I would definitely be in safe hands. 

 Because I take regular photos of the pieces I buy here in Morocco, I was kind of running out, so I had to hit the shops and look for new pieces. Unfortuantely, I couldn’t find anything I liked except for this cute striped button down, and we all know how much I adore button downs especially combined with my next favourite thing: stripes! Unfortunately, it didn’t button all the way up so I had to improvise by adding a cute pin that would keep everything in place. Also, the horizontal stripes on the pockets added the right amount of uniqueness to this otherwise basic piece. 

 In order to add some life to this button down but still keep it the centre of attention, I teamed it up with my favourite flared jeans, and kept the colours toned down by adding a white turban. Leopard print is considered a neutral if you ask the right people, so it basically goes with almost any look especially when it’s as subtle as these Chanel babes. 

 The idea of a red lip was something I went back and forth with before leaving the house and chose to keep it safe by opting for a light pink instead. However, Safâ suggested trying it out and the photos looked even better-told you I was in good hands-. 

 Although it was a bit windy, the weather was lovely and the outfit was very appropriate as it wasn’t even cold during the night. The nude heels (you can’t really see them in the photos, but you definitely do when I sit down) I always wear with these flared jeans are very old ones but definitely a fashion staple when you don’t know what to wear to elevate your look and still want to feel comfortable during the day/night.

 This was definitely one of my favourite shoots as you may notice from the many shots below where I just couldn’t keep it together! It was super nice catching up with my bestie, and I’ll be looking forward to another collaboration hopefully in the near future. 








Turban – Pashmina / Sunglasses – Chanel / Red lip – Jeffree Star in Redrum / Button down – Shana / Watch – Parfois / Bag – vintage / Flared jeans – Stradivarius. 


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