Denim Jacket Revamped

Ever since I’ve seen those cool patches on different shirts and jackets during the A/W 2016/2017 catwalk, I’ve been trying to get my hands on similar ones. However, it’s not as easy as one would think.

Because online shopping is not very easy here in Morocco, the vast majority of us have to actually physically get up and go out looking for whatever it is they want, which is not only time consuming but also quite hard. However, I found some time to go shopping last week and came across these cute brooches I just had to have. I could already picture them on my old vintage denim jacket that was in desperate need of a revamp.

The shop had four types of brooches, that I all bought of course, with different metallic accents to them so there is definitely something for everyone. I love how they played with shapes, sizes and different fastening methods. You can also use them to revamp an old bag, shirt, parka or whatever you want really.

Disclaimer: that blue eye was added only for its beauty (and because I don’t waste anything), not the whole protection nonsense.


Some cost 69 MAD and others 79 MAD.


I bought this denim jacket from Marwa ages ago, which was around 300 MAD I think.


I chose to focus on the upper side of the jacket instead of scattering them all over, but you can of course attach them however you want. The best part about using brooches instead of patches is you could change the whole thing whenever you want.

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