Shades of Green

As the weather is warming up and we’re so close to summer (yay!), lighter nail varnishes and funky colours are re-appearing on the catwalk, in magazines as well as in our daily lives.

This very pretty nails’ look was inspired by one of Essie’s recent Instagram posts which I thought was both creative and adorable. This look can be easily created using two shades of any colour and a nude nail varnish, you can also add your own touch in various ways such as glitter, beads..etc.

First I want to point out that I did try this with Scotch tape (sticky tape) but it ruined the first layer of nail varnish because, let’s be honest, who has the patience and time to wait for all of it to dry completely? Now if you’re not like me (or any other peson on this planet), feel free to take this up a notch by using Scotch instead. I was told this whole look made my nails look shorter or as if I hadn’t done them in a while and they were now growing, but come one! it looks adorable and totally done on purpose. I’d change the line up of the colours, as in putting the nude on the tips and the dark green closer to the cuticles, but then I’ll have to use Scotch which I suck at, but what the heck, I still like it.

  • The following nail varnishes are the ones I used:DSC_0020
  • Paint your entire nail in a nude nail varnish. DSC_0010
  • Paint one-third of your nail mint green. This was easier than I’d expected due to the pretty flat brush.DSC_0014
  • Add the darker green to the top of your nails. Try to make it a bit thicker than you would with a French manicure, otherwise it won’t look so unique in my opinion. As you can see, this turned out to be a lot trickier because of the thin brush. DSC_0019
  • Add some glitter to make it a bit more fun. Because I’m not a professional, the sides of my nails were pretty covered in nail varnishvwhen I was done, so you will have to clean things up afterwards to make the final result look neat. DSC_0025-2

Et voilà! Super fast and easy to re-create.

Should you choose to re-create this or have another interesting nail tutorial I should take a look at, make sure you tag me on Instagram or Twitter.




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