#MoroccanMonday look 74

Fashion ruts are a regular occurance in my life, but I’m very thankful for all the inspiration and great people surrounding me that help out one way or another even when oblivious. This week, I wans’t really sure what to shoot, I did however know I wanted this new pair of sunglasses to be part of the look.

 When my ever-so-thoughtful bestie came to visit from Holland and gifted me this comfortable jumper, the outfit was planned in no time. Also, I’m very thankful that a slogan jumper like this one with one of my favourite words on its sleeve actually reminded her of me, which couldn’t be more flattering and humbling.

 The weather is warming up even more these days which makes light colours such as this grey scarf and denim go perfectly with the blue/green reflective mirrors of my new sunnies. The cute little pink handbag also adds the perfect touch to soften up the entire look.

 Eversince I wore this pair of heels last week for my previous post, I couldn’t help myself but be drawn to them whenever I’m trying to finish off a look; them being black and kind of comfortable definitely helps I have to admit.







Scarf – Primark

Sunnies – Zara 

Jumper – H&M

Denim button-down – Shana

Jeans – Bershka

Heels – Zara

Handbag – Aldo 


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