Review: Affordable Mascaras

As much as we tend to think that the expensive the item-makeup especially-the better, that’s not really the case in all honesty. I’ve come across quite a lot of expensive makeup products that weren’t all that good, and vice versa. Therefore, I’ve decided to review these affordable mascaras for you and see what they’re all about. 

 Keep in mind that before applying one coat of each mascara (not all at once of course), I only curl my lashes using a random eyelash curler.

1 – Essence Plump No Clump: Deep black volume mascara. 


  • Promises: Plumping volume without clumping the lashes. Extra deep black.
  • Formula: Quite thick and very black like the packaging says. 
  • Expectations: The plastic bristles are short, so I think it’ll help me get to the base of my lashes without smudging the eyelid and coat each hair individually, which is great. 
  • Look: It definitely clumps the lashes. I’ve tried to wipe off the access but the bristles still picked up a lot of product. After four or five swipes I ended up with spider lashes, which is not what I wanted to I went over it with an old clean mascara wand I had to get rid of the clumps. The wand is wobbly, which makes the whole process hard. After 10 hours outside in the heat and humidity, there is was no fall out or smudging. It came off easily, but that’s to be expected from a non-waterproof mascara I reckon. 
  • Verdict: I wouldn’t buy it.

2 – Essence Plump No Clump: Volume Mascara.


  • Promises: Plumping volume without clumping the lashes. 
  • Formula: It’s very black and the consistency is thin, which is perfect for that no makeup makeup look.  
  • Expectations: The bristles are short for this one as well, to keep you from smudging your eyelids (which I still manage to do of course). It kind of resembles the green one in terms of the bristles (although these are a bit smaller), but the wand is sturdy which is promising. 
  • Look: Just like expected, the bristles barely picked up any product, and it just seems to glide over the lashes not sticking to them that much. I had to go over them about seven times to get this very simple and natural effect. I’m into minimal makeup anyway and long seperated lashes are better than thick clumped ones in my world.
  • Verdict: I would consider buying it for sure. However, I wouldn’t recommend it to those who like big striking lashed. 

3 – Essence Get Big Lashes: 3 Triple Black.


  • Promises: Maximum volume and extremely thick lashes.
  • Formula: thicker than the other two, which I like. 
  • Expectations: The wand has hairs instead of plastic bristles, which is better for volume. The brush has a rectangular shape which means the lashes will be coated evenly I reckon. 
  • Look: It goes on very easily, although it’s easy to smudge you lids after using the two other mascaras with short plastic bristles. It didn’t lengthen my lashes like the previous mascaras as you can see, but it definitely added a bit of thickness. 
  • Verdict: I would but this. 

4 – Essence Get Big Lashes: Volume Boost.


  • Promises: Maximum volume and extremely thick lashes. 
  • Expectations: The formula is lighter than the purple one although they promise the same results. The hairs on this wand have an oval shape, which means it’ll give you added length/thickness in the centre making your eyes appear bigger and more awake.
  • Look: This one appears surprisingly natural compared to the purple. It’s probably because of its light formula which makes the product glide over the lashes instead of giving them a thick coat. It’s not very unique to be honest.
  • Verdict: Wouldn’t buy it. 

5 – Essence Glam & Doll: Volume Mascara Waterproof.


  • Promises: Gives you volume. 
  • Epectations: The wand had super tiny bristles, so I can grab each hair from its root. The formula is not too thick nor too runny. although the wand wiggles, the bristles will make up for-I hope-.
  • Look: I loved how it applied. I was able to get really in there and grab the hairs perfectly. It gave me a lot of volume and zero clumps. The only down part of this one is that it’s waterproof. I know some people prefer waterproof mascaras over regular ones, but Oh My God it was a pain to remove and I still need my eyes, so I’ll politefully pass and only use this when it’s desperately needed.
  • Verdict: I would definitely buy it, but I’d start with a normal mascara and then layer this one on top to make removing it easier (a tip I picked up from the genius Sam from Pixiwoo). 

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