Arizona Drinks-first impression

Although I’m not a huge fan of extremely sugary beverages, as I much prefer water or a simple o.j, when I saw the beautiful packaging of these Arizona drinks I was instantly drawn to them and had to try every single one (Yup, that’s the kind of person I’am).

There are 8 flavours of these drinks (25.00 MAD each wich is +/-2.00 €) available in a shop called Taste of America located in Mega Mall, Rabat. The shop has a few boring American goods that they change once every decade I guess, because we could think of a lot of other things we desperately need here (hello B&J flavours!). With that being said, I do find myself stopping by everytime I’m there to look at everything again and again and again (Am I exposing too much of the type of person I’am in this post though?).

Let me just say beforehand that whoever invented the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” was damn right, so I believe you can already sense where this review is going.

1 – Cowboy Cocktail Strawberry Lemonade:


  • What are my expectation?

I’m not a fan of fake strawberry drinks as they tend to be too sweet, so I don’t think I’m gonna like this.

  • How does it smell?

Nice. Like syrup and water which it essentially is. It does remind me a bit of cassis berry (blackcurrant).

  • How does it taste?

Drinkable but bitter. Doesn’t really taste like strawberries at all.

2 – Iced Tea with Lemon Flavour:


  • What are my expectations?

Again, not a fan of lemonade nor do I like iced tea, but I’m hoping for the best.

  • How does it smell?

Excuse my language but it honestly smells like cat pee (no I don’t own any cat nor have I ever smelled their actual pee, but I’ve smelled similar stuff).

  • How does it taste?

It’s actually better than the first one. Quite bitter as well but has a slight hint of lemon.

3 – Green Tea Zero with Sweetners:


  • What are my expectations?

I seriously can’t imagine how they could add sweetners to an already sweet drink. This is most definitely not gonna be as nice as its packaging (none of the drinks have been so far).

  • How does it smell?

Two words: cat urine (and I’m being kind).

  • How does it taste?

It’s bascially cold water and sugar. Green tea is quite light so they should’ve paired it with another flavour instead of plain sugar.

4 – Original Green Tea with Honey:


  • What are my expectations?

This is going to be horrible. Remember when i suggesed pairing green tea with something else? Honey was definitely not on the list! To be honest, I’ve tried this about a year ago and I remember hating it so much. If you couldn’t already tell, I’m not a fan of honey.

  • How does it taste?

Absolutely awful.

  • How does it taste?

Yup! Just as awful as i had expected. It literally tastes like the previous one only worse due to that honey flavour (who drinks this??!).

5 – Pomegranate Green Tea:


  • What are my expectations?

Cold green tea is just not my thing, so I have very low hopes.

  • How does it smell?

A bit better than the previous ones obviously because of the pomegranate.

  • How does it taste?

Extremely sweet but I’d take that over the other flavours any day.

6 – Iced Tea with Peach Flavour:


  • What are my expecttions?

I think this is gonna be as sweet as the pomegranate one if not sweeter.

  • How does it smell?

Quite nice, very peachy (duh).

  • How does it tase?

Good. It’ll make you even thirstier because of the sugar but it’s fine.

7 – Cowboy Coktail-Watermelon: 


  • What are my expectations?

This one looks so good I pray to God they won’t ruin it. It’s probably gonna be super sweet though, but I think we’re already over the fact that these drinks are just sweet by now. Also, the lid has pineapple, pear, mango and kiwi drawings so I don’t think this is purey watermelon flavoured.

  • How does it smell?

Deliciously tropical.

  • How does it taste?

Unbelievably sweet with aan after taste of pears. If a child were to drink this he’ll probably be jumping up and down for 48 hours straight.

8 – Blueberry White Tea:


  • What are my expectations?

I’ve also had this one before and I remember it being nice.

  • How does it smell?

Grapes and a very bad after smell. Only God knows what they actually put in these drinks.

  • How does it taste?

Typical blueberries and sugar. Definitely one of the better ones.


All in all, this was quite interesting. It’s fair to say that I’m never buying the green tea ones ever again. If I were ever in need of a boost of energy and extra thirst, I’ll make sure to repurchase one of the “tasty” ones.

I’m constantly hunting for new things to try, so if you have any suggestions, make sure you leave them in the comments, and click ‘like’ if you enjoyed this or press ‘follow’ so you don’t miss any of my future posts!




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