Slogan Tees & cute Flats

Whoever says they don’t have a go-to outfit for when they’re running late is either lying, or has a personal stylist.  I’ve been given this awesome shirt by one of my closest friends a while ago and It’s the absolute definition of the perfect tee! Not only does it cover my behind but it’s both comfortable, goes well with everything and is not boring for sure.

 Apart from the asymmetric hem which I love, the cool slogan helps me get through the week by reminding me of how close the weekend actually is, although I have to say, it depresses me during weekends because it reminds me of the beginning of another week (ugh!) – Two birds, one stone I guess. I always team this up with a high-wasted jegging/skinnys so you don’t see anything from the sides, and also add my leather jacket most of the time as both fabrics go well toegther and it covers my arms because the shirt is short-sleeved.

Bonus points for the fact that this whole outfit is ridiculously affordable! (Shout out to all of you who shop till they drop in Primark – myself included bien sûr.)  


Also, how cute are these flats? It’s all about the suede and subtle details.




Scarf – Primark / Jacket – Pimkie / T-Shirt – Primark / Jegging – Primark / Flats – Primark.


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