Pretty in Plaid

Hello everyone!

 Ever since I bought this long plaid button down a while ago in a random shop in Utrecht (You can easily find similar ones online), I couldn’t wait to style it with the leather leggings I scored in the exact same shop. The best buys in my opinion are unplanned ones. 

 I once saw a meme online that read “the best thing about global warming is the constant summer in some countries”, which can’t be more accurate I suppose. Luckily, I happen to live in one of those countries. With that being said, it’s a bit sad we can’t fully enjoy our winter clothes and rock those puffy oversized coats or blanket-scarves as well as every other winter trend the fashionable human beings of the world are obsessing over.

 However, of course I wouldn’t let a simple thing such as the weather keep me from wearing dark warm clothes during this beautiful sunny weather. So what if I’m sweating throughout the day that I almost faint? The cute and cosy photos you get out of all this are ‘totes’ worth it right? No, not really, but I’m willing to risk it. Also, I tried to keep the layers as light as possible.


 This pair of leggings may seem warm but it’s actually so thin you don’t even feel like you’re wearing anything. As much as I absolutely LURV heels, flats are sort of my everyday choice, I mostly go for trainers as I find them practical, stylish and most importantly comfortable. 


 I found these beauties by accident (Didn’t I tell you how great unplanned buys were?!) when I popped into Planet Sport in Marjane. They’re made of leather, so keeping my feet super warm during colder days is not an issue (Yes, I wear trainers during ‘cold winters’ too) for sure, and you can call me insane but I love shoes with cute outer soles like these. Like Steve Jobs once said: Details matter, it’s worth getting it right.


 Usually, I wear this long plaid button down with a denim jacket when I team it up with the leather leggings to tone it down a bit. However (A) I felt too Jared Leto-ish, and (B) I wanted to try it with this leather jacket, and I have to say, it’s not THAT over-the-top as I’d expected. Still, I’m planning on taking the button down to the seamstress and sew the sides closed. It’ll make it a bit more put together. 



Scarf – Pashmina / Glasses – Tom Ford / Leather jacket – Pimkie / Long button down – random shop in Utrecht (Holland) / Leather leggings – random shop in Utrecht / Trainers – Nike. 




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