My Lush story

Salam sweethearts! 

 Firstly, I’d like to point out that I’m no expert when it comes to cosmetics, beauty products and especially not skincare. My posts simply clarify what I think of a certain product and whether or not I’d recommend it. As we all know, each person’s skin reacts differently to every single product out there, which means that even though me falling in love with a certain product doesn’t necessarily indicate you’d be pleased with it as well, and vice versa.

 I’m quite envious of people who actually know a thing or two about skin care. I know that spending time researching and reading about different products would help me understand it more, but let’s be honest, ain’t nobody got time for that; especially not moi! So naturally, I mostly use products recommended by friends or beauty gurus online. 

 A couple of years ago, I first heard of Lush products from British Youtube royalty Zoella. She mostly used the bath bombs they’re famous for, which made me think they were the only things they produced. However, about a year or so, Dutch Youtuber Mascha (from Beautygloss) started raving about different products by the same company, which made me consider trying them out (the very chic black packaging was also a factor to be honest). The video that actually persuaded me to buy some of their products, was Mascha’s adult acne video (Adult acne gezichtsroutine), she gave tips about the products to use for adult acne which was amazing because I’ve had acne issues for as long as I can remember.

 I went into Lush (in the Netherlands) in November of last year with only two items in mind, and ended up buying two completely different products, partly because the ones I wanted were unfortunately sold out (due to the Beautygloss effect of course) and also because the saleswoman was amazing at her job (the fact that I’m very easily convincible helped as well).

 One of the things I ended up loving about Lush is the fact that everything is handmade in England, which is quite impressive considering the amount of products they have! They also add a sticker with the name of the person who made your product for you on the packaging, now that’s a cute touch if you ask me. Also, the fact that the label shows the date on which the product was made as well as a fairly close expiration date proves how fresh the contents are and that they’re free of harsh preservatives-Another huge plus your skin will be very thankful for. 


 – The first product I used was the Aqua Marina Face & Body Cleanser. The saleswoman confirmed it would be very gentle and actually help heal my acne and clear my skin. The ingredients include seaweed which is not necessarily appealing when you view the content nor does it smell good (it’s bearable though), but extremely healthy for your skin and that’s the whole point really. 

 Apart from the detailed explanation you get from the salesperson, the label also clarifies how you can use the product properly (very helpful for those of you that can’t seem to remember all those details later on, myself included). With this cleanser, a little goes a (very) long way! You simply add a bit of warm water and massage your face/body gently, then rinse it with warm water afterwards, it’ll leave your skin a bit dry if you have mixed skin, which is the case for me, but I like that because it helps dry out my acne, it’s no big deal though because you add your daily moisturiser later anyway. 



Aqua Marina Lush


(I had to look for a photo of the content online because by the time I decided to post this I had already ran out of it, thus the very tiny amount of seaweed on the back of my hand)


– The second product is the Tea Tree Water Toner. This is a toner that should help clear out the pores from all the dirt that causes pimples to appear according to the label. One of its main ingredients is tea tree water, which fights the bacteria that forms on your skin throughout the day. The other ingredient is grapefruit water that tightens the pores and evens out the skin tone. 

 Now frankly speaking, I haven’t noticed any change from using this spray even though I’ve been using it daily since November 2015. I try to convince myself that it actually works in a very subtle way that I can’t even notice so I don’t regret the Euros I’ve spent on it. I guess I just like the fact that I have a “skincare routine” I follow daily to make me feel like I’m giving my skin the treatment it needs/deserves.





All in all, It’s quite sad that we can’t get any Lush products here in Morocco because I sure as hell want to try more products, but I’ll keep praying they’ll open a shop here soon (along with the other shops on my endless list I wish were available in Morocco). Until then, I’ll just empty my bank account on other accessible things I convince myself are absolutely necessary in life that end up unused in one of the corners of my overstuffed room. 



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    1. I don’t wanna be the reason you ruin your bank account, but their products can be pretty addictive I have to say! 😂 If I were able to get my hands on their products I’d be testing one out every month! Especially their face masks or shower gels/creams

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