Newspaper nails tutorial

 Salam my lovely friends!

 I’ve been meaning to film/shoot a nail tutorial for a while now, but I didn’t really know which look to go for as there are so many different looks out there. Thank goodness I made up my mind a few days ago and decided to do the famous newspaper nails. The obvious twist is the Arabic writing, it makes it a tad more special in my opinion. 

Please keep in mind that I’m not a professional. This is just how I like to do my nails and love the results I get.

 Aside from the basic things you need for a manicure (cuticle nipper, nail file, wooden sticks.. etc), you’ll also need alcohol, cotton pads, small pieces of whatever newspaper you’d like and, of course, nail varnish, preferably white or light grey.

nail tutorial collage

I didn’t have light grey or white nail varnish, but that would look much better to be honest. It’ll make the writing pop out even more.

You can follow the below steps in order to achieve the perfect newspaper nails look.

  • File your nails. DSC_0014


  • Wet you cuticles for about five minutes. I use warm water because I find oily products to be so clingy and hard to remove before applying a nail varnish. DSC_0015


  • Push all the dead skin back so it can be easily grabbed later.DSC_0016


  • Remove the dead skin using the cuticle nipper. I know some people prefer to push the dead skin back and leave it as, according to them, it’s not good for your nails. I just like getting rid of it. DSC_0018


  • Moisturise, moisturise and moisturiseDSC_0024


  • Remove the cream from your nails so the nail varnish can cling to them.two nails pics
  • Start with your base coat. This is important to keep your nails from turning yellow.DSC_0029


  • Proceed with applying your choice of nail varnish. A light colour such as white or light grey would be very nice. DSC_0032


  • Add a second layer for that flawless finish.DSC_0033


  • Pour some alcohol in a deep container so your nail can be covered entirely. I used the lid of the nail varnish remover. DSC_0035


  • Only when you’re sure your nail varnish is a hundred percent dry, do you dip your nail for about 10 seconds in the alcohol.DSC_0036


  • Cover your nail with a piece of newspaper and press hard. Try not to move the newspaper whilst pressing and also make sure you only remove it when it’s dry (which happens quite fast). This reminds me of those fake tattoos I used to find in gums when I was younger.DSC_0038


  • Remove the newspaper slowly so you don’t ruin it. It should come off pretty easily as the nail varnish is dry.DSC_0040


  • Add a top coat to make the ink sticks to the nail. Without it, the ink will just smear on anything you touch and ruin the whole look.double nails


  • Et voilà! Now go show off your awesome mani and post endless photos on social media. Don’t forget to tag me 😉 DSC_0044




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